Our Services

We Provide Advisory Services

Integrity Due Diligence (IDD)

We offer corporate and individual due diligence assessments. This process is integral to identifying a wider range of risks beyond just the financial. An IDD allows the client to make more informed decisions regarding potential reputational risks and first hand source information regarding political exposure, allegations of wrong doing and any other potential actions that could negatively affect the client and investment.

Business Intelligence

Keith Campbell Consulting Limited is able to provide you with accurate, first-hand source information that maps the personal, political and business networks of identified companies or individuals, as required by the client. This includes sector reports, competitor analysis and market entry strategy advisory insight.

Strategic, Operational and Tactical risk assessments

These are the risks that represent both the highest danger and opportunity to entities and investments. Through Keith Campbell Consulting we help you to identify and manage the complex risks within both your high-level strategy as well as those that are happening on-the-ground.

Asset Tracing and Litigation support

Asset tracing is notoriously difficult regardless of the jurisdiction. At Keith Campbell Consulting Ltd we are however able to use our extensive networks and investigatory expertise to assist clients in reaching positive outcomes.

Bespoke Research and Topical Issue Reporting

We specialise in producing high quality research and analysis tailored to a range of audiences. Our reporting provides comprehensive support and insight for clients looking to enhance their understanding and awareness of issues that affect their operations and investments in different geographic and sectoral locations.

Business Development and tender process advisory

We enhance your business development and tender application strategy by providing you with the correct information and sectoral context to increase your chances of successful submission.