Integrity Due Diligence (IDD)


Transport Sector – Multi-Country

KCCL planned and executed a complex and detailed IDD on several corporate entities, charitable foundations, development organisation and their principals across multiple jurisdictions including the United Kingdom; Netherlands; United States of America; South Africa; Nigeria; Democratic Republic of Congo; Kenya; Mauritius; and Tanzania.

We managed teams of multi-lingual researchers and associates across each country. The volume of documentation obtained was vast, requiring rigourous collation, validation checks and analysis to garner the most salient insights regarding the subjects and scope of work. We obtained corporate filings on 8 corporate entities and directorship searches on 13 natural persons across 4 countries. Litigation checks were executed in 5 countries on all subjects via enquiries with judicial officials at various courts at national, regional and local level and by physical searches at court registries. Actionable commentary was obtained from 30 separate sources across the Netherlands, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa.  All work was executed to a tight timeframe with the final report being delivered within 14 days of receiving instructions from the Client.

After executing the extensive research, checks and enquiries, we advised the Client that there would be no cause for concern should a decision be made to invest in the company and project.