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Keith Campbell Consulting

Established in 2010, Keith Campbell Consulting is an international consultancy, headquartered in London. We are a niche provider of business intelligence services to advisory industries across the globe, with specialist experience in Africa. We have an international client base who choose us as their main provider of business intelligence, due diligence assessments, political risk assessments and country specific knowledge provision. Keith Campbell Consulting brings together an international network of professionals with decades of risk management, international relations, security and intelligence expertise. Our size and network allows for greater agility and client responsiveness, as well as helping us to be highly competitive on price while maintaining the highest levels of quality.

Network and Associates

To deliver our services we focus on in depth institutional knowledge, quality end products that meet each client’s specific needs and for reliable contextual information. We do this through investing in our global network of contacts and associates. Keith Campbell Consulting has direct access to a broad range of trusted sources across all regions and countries. This is supported by the use of associates who are able to access networks quickly, reliably and discretely. This combination of direct access and extensive network of associates enables us to better corroborate and contextualise information required by the client more rapidly and efficiently than some market peers.

Who We Are

Meet The Team

Keith Campbell

Founder & Owner
Keith started his career in risk management after receiving an MA in Political Science from the American University in Washington DC. He has an in depth knowledge of security matters and their relationship to economic dynamics and socio-political stability in developing countries. He has over 3 decades experience in advising clients on the challenges they face in African environments and countries. He continues to have a direct impact on the formulation of corporate market-entry strategies, the provision of detailed risk assessments and implementation of risk- mitigation measures. Keith oversees a regular stream of non-technical due diligence enquiries and assessments and provides negotiations advice to selected international clients engaging with local partners. He was at the helm of one of Africa’s foremost risk advisory companies for 20 years, 15 of those as Managing Director. He was instrumental in establishing the South Africa-Angola Chamber of Commerce, serving as its Vice-President for seven years.

Glenn Flint

Head of Strategic Development & Senior Associate
Since 2011, Glenn has solely focused on delivering business intelligence, due diligence, and political risk solutions. During this time, Glenn has been instrumental in: establishing, developing, and maintaining an exceptional associate network in East and West Africa, Europe (Western, Central and the Balkans) and North America; managing complex, multi-jurisdictional due diligence projects in numerous sectors such as renewable energy, telecoms, tourism, hospitality, manufacturing and banking/financial services; and directing teams of researchers and practitioners in formulating, executing and delivering in-depth reports on strategic, operational and tactical risks (politics, security and economics) for market entry and ongoing operations. Glenn graduated from the University of Indianapolis and went on to study in Cyprus. He completed a Masters in International Conflict Analysis and a PhD in International Relations. In previous roles, Glenn has worked as a Strategic Analyst for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (UK) where he participated in and managed projects on UK security and resilience, military planning and future force capability, and the complex socio-economic aspects of conflicts and insurgent movements in Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa

Melony Koutelidakis

General Manager
As General Manager, Melony is responsible for internal resourcing and operations of Keith Campbell Consulting. She is an experienced programme manager and policy advisor, with over 15 years’ experience in the Development Sector. Melony specialises in programme and project management from design to completion. She led in-country delivery of governance; health; human capital and economic development aid programmes across Southern Africa. This included balancing logistical, budgetary, administration and geo-political considerations, where she was responsible for devising and implementing the practical action plans to translate policy objectives into operative procedures for a range of non-governmental, civil sector and governmental aid development organisations. In her previous roles she worked for the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office in South Africa, where she was responsible for aligning strategic focus and implementation of 11 global Prosperity Programmes in the region. This role required extensive high level stakeholder management and engagement with government, civil society and private sector partners to achieve joint UK and South Africa policy and programmatic outcomes, in keeping with the UK’s overall prosperity objectives.

Herman van der Linde

Senior Associate
A graduate in Political Science and Anthropology, Herman spent 17 years in Defence Intelligence in the South African Defence Force and the post-1994 South African National Defence Force, specialising in counterintelligence and military security, as well as special liaison duties. He joined the private sector in 2007 as a risk analyst. Herman has extensive experience in assessments in various environments, including high-risk areas such as the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and training of Nigerian officials engaged in security and customs work in Nigeria. He has been an independent analyst, defence writer and security consultant for the past 12 years and an associate with KCCL since 2009.

Rachel Codarin

Senior Associate: MENA and Horn of Africa
Educated in Paris and London, Rachel obtained her postgraduate degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London and has spent over 20-years living & working in the Middle East, Africa and mainland Europe. Whilst in London, Rachel was a senior analyst, and project leader for the MENA region for some of the world’s leading business intelligence companies. During the course of her work in France she had a particular focus on North and Francophone West Africa as well as Europe. She now specialises in OSINT, due diligence and financial investigations and analysis of commercial and industrial markets across North and East Africa.