managing risks, maximsing opportunities

Keith Campbell


After receiving an MA in Political Science from The American University, Keith started his career in risk management in Washington DC. He has an in-depth understanding of security matters and their relationship to economic dynamics and socio-political stability in developing countries.

An African specialist, he has over 20 years experience in advising large multinational corporations on the political, operational and security challenges they face in high-risk environments/countries. He continues to have a direct impact on the formulation of corporate market-entry strategies, the provision of detailed risk assessments and implementation of risk- mitigation measures.

Keith oversees a regular stream of non-technical due diligence enquiries and assessments in Africa, and provides negotiations advice to selected international clients engaging with local partners.   He spent 20 years leading one of Africa’s most well-known risk advisory companies, 15 of those as Managing Director.  He also helped to establish the South Africa-Angola Chamber of Commerce, subsequently serving as its Vice-President for seven years.

Dr Glenn P. Flint

Head of Strategic Development

Since 2011, Glenn has solely focused on security and political risk consultancy and advisory services in Sub-Saharan Africa. A few of his most relevant achievements include:

  • establishing, developing, and maintaining an exceptional asset and associate network through direct in-country capability development exercises in multiple jurisdictions in East and Southern Africa;
  • managing large and small due diligence projects in, amongst others, oil and gas, mining, telecoms, tourism, and banking/financial sectors;
  • directing teams of researchers and practitioners in formulating, executing and delivering in-depth reports on strategic, operational and tactical risks (politics, security and economics) for market entry and ongoing operations;
  • undertaking detailed and rigourous analyses and threat assessments on terrorist groups (including Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab), secessionist movements (MEND and Mombasa Revolutionary Council), and former civil war combatants (such as Renamo).

Glenn obtained an ESRC grant for a PhD in International Relations, graduating from Keele in 2011. He spent two years as a Sessional Lecturer for the University of Reading and he has worked as a Strategic Analyst for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (UK). At DSTL Glenn managed projects on UK security and resilience, military planning and future force capability, and the complex socio-economic aspects of this century's conflicts in Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa.