managing risks, maximising opportunities

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Case Study - Angola - Engineering

This project was undertaken for a German multinational engineering company involved in a large dam project in Angola

Case Study - Papua New Guinea - Mining

The project involved the design, optimisation, and implementation of a complete risk management solution for a global mining firm.
The project was structured around 5 phases.
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Case Study - Kenya Election Series - Banking

The overall aim of the project was to identify and analyse the key drivers and contexts that led to the 2007-08 'episode' of Post-Election Violence (PEV) in Kenya. 

Case Study - Angola - O&G

The project involved the provision of an array of market entry and and post-entry services to the extractives arm of a major Asian conglomerate seeking to open facilities in Angola. 

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Case Study - Mozambique - Mining

This project was a complete strategic, operational and tactical review of Mozambique for one of the largest mining houses in the world.


Case Study - Malawi and Tanzania - O&G

Our client, a US junior oil firm, was already established in West Africa but was seeking to expand its footprint into the east of the continent by considering whether to tender for a number of oil block exploration licenses.